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Milled joints – panels are assembled with continuous mullions which are drilled or notched at the transom position(s). The ends of each transom bar are machined to fit precisely over the mullion. A pin through the hole(s) in the mullion mates with connectors hidden inside the transoms.

This type of panel takes longer to produce than the basic square cut and key method but results in a very rigid frame which does not require rubber anti- rattle buffers (grommets). It also eliminates issues with colour or finish matching of keys as no key is visible.

In addition to a saw, a drill or notcher with measuring jig, a chamfering saw and a special purpose milling machine are required to manufacture panels in this way.

The process for a basic 6 pane georgian panel is as follows:

1. Cut mullion to length

2.Drill or notch mullion at transom positions

3. Insert pin through holes in mullion and fit sleeves to either side of each pin

4. Cut transom bars to length

5. Saw chamfers to one end of each transom bar

6. Mill profile to chamfered end of each transom bar

7. Assemble transom bars to mullion

8. Fit edge keys to mullion and transoms