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Mitred joints – each piece of bar is cut with a 45° chamfer to both sides of the joint end forming a point. The 4 adjacent bars are then fitted over a key which holds them at 90° to each other and is hidden inside the profile. This system allows any colour of profile to be assembled using the same key but can be time consuming to manufacture and does not produce a particularly rigid panel. An accurate saw capable of cutting at 45° is required to produce mitre jointed panels. Symmetry of the profile used is critical to ensure cut edges are not visible at the joint.

The process for a basic 6 pane georgian panel is as follows:

1. Cut mullion bars to length

2. Cut transom bars to length

3. Saw 45° chamfers to one end of each transom bar and top / bottom mullion bars

4. Saw 45° chamfers to both ends of middle mullion bar

5. Fit 90° cross mitre key to both chamfered ends of middle mullion bar

6. Assemble transom bars and top/bottom mullion bars to centre mullion bar

7. Fit edge keys to top/bottom mullion and transoms